Dr.Mary  Matilda   is  the former Principal of Maharaja’s  College Ernakulam.  She  has  Master’s  degrees  in  Mathematics (MSc  &  M.Phil), Education (M.Ed), Business Administration and Management (MBA), Women Studies (MWS},Applied Psychology(M.Sc ) and PhD in women’s studies. She is also a  Graduate  in Law (LLB).  She  had  occasion  to  participate  in  HRD trainer’s  training  in  Canada.

She  is  a  member  of  the  faculty  team  for  HRD  training  programmes  organised  by  Canada – India  Institutional  Co – operation  Project  at  the  national  level  along  with  Canadian  experts. She  was  the  State  Chairperson  of  the  Women – in – Development  Committee  of  Canada – India  Institutional Co– operation  Project.  She  had  also  been  to  Singapore  interacting  with  various  management  development  organisations.

She  has  special  skills  in  Assertiveness  Training.  Her  other  areas  of  interest  in  training  include  Self  Esteem,  Team  Building,  Time  Management,  Transactional  Analysis, Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Decision Making, Stress Management,  Life  Skills  etc.  She  is  well  accepted  as  an  effective  trainer  and  has  potential  of  building  instantaneous  rapport  with  participants  of  training  programmes.

She  is  a  life  member  of  various  professional  organisations  and  has  presented  papers  at  national / international  seminars.  Her  paper  titled  “Strategies  for  attaining  gender  equity”  won  the  best  paper  award  in  the  Third  International  Conference  organised  by  Indian  Association  of  Applied  Psychologists.

She  is  a  guest  faculty  to  various  educational  institutions, Institute of Management in Government, Trained Nurse’s Association, KRL (Kochi Refineries Ltd),FACT, HMT, Hindustan Lever Ltd., Cochin Shipyard, voluntary organizations,  service  clubs, Academic Staff  Training College, University of Kerala etc. 

She derives  pleasure  in  transforming  potential  to  capabilities  in  fellow  beings.

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Dr. Mary Matilda M.Sc, M.Phil (Maths), MWS, MBA, M.Ed, M.Sc (Applied Psychology), LLB, PhD
Former Principal of Maharajas College Ernakulam
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